Suspension Exercise Prepares Sir Richard Branson To Kiteboard The English Channel On His 60th Birthday

by Paul


Hey Workout At Home Fan,

I just came across an amazing article in The Kiteboarder magazine that tells about how Sir Richard Branson is preparing to Kiteboard the English Channel to celebrate his 60th birthday on July 18th, 2010.

This article will interest you if you are adventuresome and would like to get a world class workout without weights at home that will prepare you for any challenging situation that arises.

According to the article Branson’s own fitness company Virgin Active has put together a training package which includes some of the latest, cutting edge fitness equipment…the training package includes the TRX Suspension Trainer.

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The amazing thing to me is how Branson who owns his own gyms and has any equipment and training that he desires at his disposal is choosing to prepare to cross the English Channel with a suspension exercise device that you and I can afford for less than $200.

If you follow the link to the original article you will see a photo of Branson working out on the TRX in what appears to be a gym but the TRX is so portable that it can be set up in your home or office by attaching it to a door or you can attach it to a tree or post outside to workout without weights anywhere.

Bransons trainer chose several non traditional fitness tools because Kitesurfing is a very challenging sport that requires tremendous core and functional strength.

Traditional gym machines usually isolate one body part and allow you to exercise that part such as an arm in one repeated motion.

Suspension exercise with the TRX allows you to perform over 300 exercises and each and every exercise serves to work your core as your body harnesses gravity and your bodyweight as it attempts to stabilize itself.

The more natural movements employed by suspension exercise allow the user to mimic real life situations that are encountered in every day life as well as sports activities such as kiteboarding.

I guess I should not be too surprised that Branson is training with the TRX because the TRX is currently being used by Seven Time Tour De France Champion Lance Armstrong and Superbowl Winning Quarterback Drew Brees as well as Mixedd Martial Arts Champion George St. Pierre to name just a few…

Check out the article about Sir Richard Branson’s trek accross the English Channel by clicking on the link to the original article …

By Paul

Kiteboarder Magazine

Virgin Active today announces that Sir Richard Branson, who celebrates his 60th birthday this coming Sunday July 18th, will be flying high to celebrate hitting the big six zero by kitesurfing the English channel.

Richard, never one to shy away from a challenge (and suffering from the delusion that his bus pass is NOT in the post!), will – in the company of his nephews, children and a few mad friends undertake this challenge.

Richard looks set to become the oldest person to kite-surf across the channel – from Dungeness to the French coast – but Richard is not so keen to make a big issue over that one! This cool, fun, colourful and frankly crazy challenge will take place during the month of August.