Why Triathletes Need Strength and Core Training

by admin


As most people know, triathlon is an endurance sport in which an athlete must swim, cycle and run over a set distance. Professional and amateur triathletes are consistently some of the most fit athletes of any sport.

But for most triathletes, the benefits of core and strength training are outweighed by the fear of gaining too much bulk and the loss of flexibility. This is compounded by the fear that if they aren’t swimming, cycling or running then they are not making progress in their training.

Nick Grantham, strength and conditioning coach for GENR8 Fitness writes in the latest issue of Peak Performance (pponline.co.uk), “By and large the triathlon community has overemphasised the benefits of endurance-based training and underestimated the benefits of strength training.” Grantham goes on to say, “Typically the triathletes that I’ve worked with have had so little structural integrity that a resistance training programme to target their muscular weaknesses and imbalances had to be our first approach.”

Functional training using TRX Suspension Trainer solves this problem in a dramatic fashion. Triathletes are now able to get a world class core, strength and flexibility workout at home in the time it normally takes to drive to the gym.

Functional training with the TRX Suspension Trainer corrects muscular weakness and imbalances by developing basic muscle patterns to work at higher capacity.

Triathletes that workout at home with the TRX will notice that each functional exercise uses complete muscle activation and a purposeful movement pattern which allows for maximum strength gains while ensuring optimum flexibility.

For triathletes, using the TRX Suspension Trainer ensures that these core and strength training sessions are quality focused and highly efficient. Triathletes that workout at home can do a complete workout in 30 to 40 minutes.

There is no wasted time setting up machines or waiting for someone to finish an exercise. These exercises with the TRX are designed to be done back-to-back for maximum efficiency.