Review of the New TRX Force Kit Whats Different?

by Paul

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Hey Everyone,

I was very excited when my new TRX Force Kit arrived at my door and I wanted to share my experience …

This review is for you if you are wondering what is new or different with the newly released version of the TRX Force Kit.

Stunning Presentation

When I opened my new TRX Force Kit I was dazzled.

The new TRX Force Kit is truly a work of art. The look and feel of the boxes, packaging and even the manuals and the way everything is laid out is nothing short of beautiful.

I would have no reservations about giving the TRX Force Kit as a gift to anyone.

Seven Years of Feedback

First of all The original TRX Force Kit was designed by the Navy SEAL’s which in itself is awesome but the New TRX Force Kit was created using 7 years of feedback from members of all branches of the U.S. Millitary not just the SEALS this group included first responders and tactical athletes who used this TRX Force Kit in the field …so this new TRX truly is a lean mean fighting machine.

A Leaner Meaner Workout Machine

In fact the New TRX Force Kit truly is leaner and meaner…it weighs in at a leaner 1.5 pounds due to the use of lighter more easy to use D rings as opposed to cam buckles that were used on earlier versions of the TRX Force Kit.

Here is What is New and different with the New TRX Force Kit:

-New Tactical Conditioning Program

-Lighter and easier to use “D” rings instead of cam buckles – D rings make adjustments quicker and easier between exercises

-Durable mesh running bag made of ripstop nylon that can be worn as a backpack to carry all your TRX Force Kit Gear.

-The back pack has cool inner and outer pockets to carry your ID, smartphone or gear.

-Textured more durable rubber handles instead of foam grips used on previous models

-TRX Extender Strap – This will allow you to use a higher anchor point and also use more verticle anchor points to allow for more exercises. I also found that a longer extender strap allowed me to attach my new TRX Force Kit to bigger objects like tree trunks or thick tree branches. This would also allow you to attach to a higher ceiling in your home using an optional TRX X mount of course.

-TRX Door Anchor – this will allow you to attach your TRX Force Kit inside or outside.

The Big Kahuna And I Mean Big…

The New TRX Force Kit Comes Complete with a 12 week Tactical Conditioning Program

The Tactical Conditioning Program is divided into three parts.

-Phase 1 focuses on building a solid core.

-Phase 2 focuses on arm and leg strength and maintaining a strong core.

-Phase 3 brings everything together and focuses on high intensity interval training or HIIT

I was blown away by the attention to detail of the New TRX Force Program

Included are four Program Guides that show you actual visual images of a trainer demonstrating each TRX exercise.

These highly detailed program guides are made of tear proof and waterproof paper that will allow you to view them even if you are using your TRX Force Kit outside in
inclement whether.

Wait There’s More!

Also included are two Super Professionally produced DVD’s

The two New TRX Force Kit DVD’s include:

-3 real time workout modules
-A set up and use video
-Agility drills and benchmarking tests to see where you are and where you want to go
-Exercise library featuring all TRX movements

The New TRX Force Kit is beautiful, well designed with attention to detail.

My only concern regarding this product is that the shear detail and amount of exercises included in this program may go to waste on someone who is not that interested in getting into shape.

Or if you are a TRX beginner you probably would want to choose the more basic TRX pro pack model for less cost. Suspension Training Bodyweight Exercise that Develops Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Core Stability Simultaneously! Click here!

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Chris May 3, 2013 at 7:01 am

Thanks for this helped me decide between the P2 and the Force.

Definitely going to spend the extra $30 on the force kit.